The Toggenburg is a Swiss dairy goat from the Toggenburg Valley of Switzerland. This breed is of medium size, sturdy, vigorous and alert in appearance. The hair is short to long in length, soft and fine. Its' colour is solid varying from light fawn to dark chocolate with no preference for any shade. Distinct white markings are as follows: white ears with dark spot in middle; two white stripes down the face from above each eye to the muzzle; hind legs white from hocks to hooves; forelegs white from knees downward with dark vertical stripe below knee acceptable; a white triangle on each side of the tail; white spot may be present at root of wattles or in the area if no wattles are present. Varying degrees of cream markings instead of pure white acceptable, but not desirable. The ears are erect and carried forward. Facial lines may be dished or straight, never Roman. Does which are black with Toggenburg markings are permitted but will be identified with "black" as a suffix to their registered name.
  Minimum Height(withers)

Minimum Weight

Does 23″/66cm.  


Bucks 28”/71 cm. 

150 lbs./68.18kg.



Pendulous ears, tricolor or piebald, black bucks Large white
spot in hair (more than 1-1/2″ in any direction)

Canadian Goat Society

South West Wind Triton *S VG86

S: South West Wind Atlantis

D: Galilee GC Moon Beam