The La Mancha goat was developed in the U.S.A.. It has excellent dairy temperament and is an all round sturdy animal that can withstand a great deal of hardship and still produce. Through official testing this breed has established itself in milk production with high butterfat. The La Mancha face is straight or slightly dished with the ears being the distinctive breed characteristic. There are two types of La Mancha ears: The "gopher ear" is described as follows: an approximate maximum length of one inch (2.54 cm) but preferably nonexistent and with very little cartilage. BUCKS MUST HAVE GOPHER EARS The "elf ear" is described as follows: an approximate maximum length of two inches (5.08 cm) is allowed, the end of the ear must be turned down and cartilage shaping the small ear is allowed. Any colour or colours, solid or patterned is acceptable. Instead of being tattooed in the ears like other goats, La Manchas are tattooed in the bare skin on the underside of the tail.
  Minimum Height(withers)

Minimum Weight

Does 28″/71cm.


Bucks 30"/76 cm.

160 lbs./72.02 kg.



Any other than ears as described above

Canadian Goat Society

*B Tempo Spitz
[CAN] L112316 [USA] L1463979

S: *B Tempo Liggity

D: Tempo Jamie 4*M

EiEi Yeo Aztec Gold
[CAN] L12728

S: Paradox BBR France

D: On a Clear Day Carmelita
Clearance prices : 1-10 straws $15/straw, 11 – 50 straws $12/straw, 51-100 straws $10/straw