CFIA Approved Facility for Quarantine, Semen & Embryo Production Approved
for Export to Chile and the European Union

Our facilities are designed to
maintain the health status of your animals

OC Flock Management provides reproductive services & training for sheep & goat producers. Some of the services include: embryo transfer & freezing (ET), artifical insemination (AI), semen collection & freezing, import & export, health & reproductive seminars.
Services are available on-site or on-farm. Some services are seasonal. In all cases, secheduling is required in advance.

AI & ET can provide:
• Cost effective methods for rapid genetic improvement
• Increased production & profit from your best animals
• Insurance against death or sale of your top breeding stock
• Long term storage of your best genetics
• Marketing of genetics locally or internationally
• Genetic improvement without the risk of disease