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Katahdin sheep are a breed of hair sheep developed in the United States, and named after Mt. Katahdin. Katahdin are hardy, adaptable, low maintenance sheep that produce superior lamb crops and lean, meaty carcasses. They do not produce a fleece and therefore do not require shearing. They are medium-sized and efficient, bred for utility and for production in a variety of management systems. Ewes have exceptional mothering ability and lamb easily; lambs are born vigorous and alert. The breed is ideal for pasture lambing and grass/forage-based management systems. In cold weather, they grow a very thick winter coat, which then sheds during warm seasons. Katahdins are also significantly tolerant of internal and external parasites and if managed carefully require only minimal parasite treatment. Live weight of a mature ewe ranges from 120 to 160 pounds; a mature ram will weigh 180 to 250 pounds.


Date of birth April 14, 2013  - Twin
BWT: 12 lbs / 5.5 kg
75DWT: 82 lbs / 37 kg
WT at Dec.2014: 235 lbs / 107 kgs

Sire: ADS0131 (Twin) US import Ram out of Elite Generation
Dam : DJA93Y (Triplet) Sired by US import VJ9035W Trooper

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Owner: Dee Avery [email protected]
Farm: AVERY's Katahdins

Scrapie Resistance: ARR
Semen Quality: Excellent

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PAS 35W is a single from ewe lamb PAS 52U and ram FLK 220R. Birth weight of 8 lbs on May 25, 2009. Weight on Aug 27 was 75 lbs and on Oct 4 it was 93 lbs making him one of our top gainers for that year. He is a quiet ram and has good confirmation. Last year as he was in the barn for semen collections but will be used for breeding purposes this year.

Reg# KHSI 055263
Single born from AI breeding 30 April 2006
BW = 12 lbs
Weaning weight (64 days) = 85 lbs
100 day weight (96 days) = 108 lbs
ADG = 1.00 lbs/day

Sire: CCC 111P
Dam : PAS 50P

Owner: Lynn Tait [email protected]

His first lambs were born in 2010. EBV’s available soon.



FLK 220R
FLK 220R, REG. # (CAN) 045956

          MK 036F S-2590-A

     CHT 149G S-3634-A
          CHT 088F P-523-A
S: VN 8JS (CAN) 8747-A
     PIP 19D P-88-A

          MK 049G S (CAN) 4124-A
     LSC 88J S (CAN) 8845-A
          LSC 8G P-1633-A
D: FLK 6M P (CAN) 16232-A
          FLK 58J P (CAN) 7799-A
     FLK 73G P-1886-A
          FLK 20E P-1539-A

Owners: Nina Tait & Ian Sword, AB
email: [email protected]
His first lamb crop has just been weaned and is living up to our expectations. This ram is very correct with excellent feet and legs and a true hair coat.